Client ePresentations

Attract. Retain. Succeed: Retaining Your Best Employees

If the success of your business depends on the performance of top employees, it’s important to offer competitive compensation and benefit programs. Watch this to learn more.



Individual vs. Group Term Life Insurance: Understanding the Differences

Many people buy group term life insurance through work because it’s convenient and easy. They may not know that there’s an alternative. Learn more here.



Thinking Differently About: Retirement

Life insurance can help protect your family or business, but it may also help you to be better prepared for retirement. Click here to learn how.



MassMutual Survivorship Whole Life Insurance: Leave a Legacy with Confidence

Owning a survivorship whole life insurance policy may help you live a more secure and comfortable retirement. Watch this to find out how.



MassMutual Whole Life Insurance: A Lifetime of Protection and Value

Many people believe that whole life insurance is complex. However, it may be simpler than you think. Learn the basics here.


MassMutual Whole Life Insurance: Protect Your Today, Build Your Tomorrow

A whole life policy provides a combination of features and benefits that may help you meet different financial needs at various stages of your life. Find out more information here. 


MassMutual Whole Life Insurance: Historical Performance

Have you considered whole life insurance? Check out an example of the overall value of a whole life policy on a historical basis.


Whole Life vs Term Insurance: The Historical Perspective

Have you ever wondered how buying whole life insurance might compare to buying term insurance? Watch this to find out.